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I should not be staying up late and finishing the angsty fanfic that's been living on my computer for months.

Title: Untitled, for now.
Genre: Gen.
Warning(s): Angst, possibly huge amounts of verbosity.
Disclaimer: I only wish I was CLAMP.
Summary: In Infinity, Fai and Kurogane don't have normal conversations anymore. Instead, there is just one long conversation, which neither of them wants to have, and yet which keeps getting continued.

A/N: This is a sort-of-sequel to my only other fic, Black and White Okay, I lied, it's a sequel. I told you it'd been on my computer for months. You don't necessarily have to read that to understand this, but it will help.

"Did you do it for me?" and so Fai starts up the conversation again. By now he doesn't even know why he keeps this going, whether he simply likes to talk or whether his erratic speech is only a misguided attempt to catch Kurogane in a lie which Fai is almost sure doesn't actually exist.

"What?" he says abruptly, disturbed once again from whatever he'd been doing.

"In Tokyo. Was that for me? Did you do it because you would miss me?" Fai speaks clearly and without emotion, casually cruel, deliberately trying to avoid involving himself emotionally in the conversation, never mind the fact that he was the one who started it.

"Does it matter?" Kurogane's response surprises him, and Fai meets the other man's eyes for the first time in what seems like days.

"What?" he can't help it, that single word betrayed emotion, wavered with confusion and uncertainty.

"You'll only hear what you want, doesn't matter what I say." This is a fairly long response, Fai thinks. He's not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

"...I suppose you're right. Still, humor me?" Fai's voice tilts up on that last sentence, a mockery of the joking tone he used to have. They're still on opposite sides of an otherwise empty room, neither one of them looking at the other. Hearing the scratch of chair legs on the wooden floor, Fai is unable to keep his eye from following Kurogane as he walks forward purposefully, although their eye contact is broken and every little voice that Fai has ever had inside his head is telling him to drop this and run.

"It doesn't matter." Before Fai can interrupt him again, he continues, "You're still here, it shouldn't matter why."

At that, it seems that they both give in. Fai stands up abruptly and leaves without a word or a backward glance.
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