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Dragon spam post. Nothing to see here, move along~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Yeah. MAKIN' SUM STALKERS. Maybe, lol. Really, I'm just bored. CCS post someday, I promise. Maybe.
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...I think my english teacher has assigned me an impossible assignment. The internet has failed me, I cannot find out what these two things are. I hate it when the internet fails me. I am extremely confused and all the pages that are brought up by la google are in Vietnamese. This is not good. So... MEME TIEM.

º Reply to this entry with a random question directed to me. It could be anything, from what kind of clothes I'm wearing in this moment to what do I believe there's waiting after life. I promise to reply with most of the truth!

º Ask as many questions as you'd want! I encourage it! SATISFY YOUR CURIOSITY TO THE EXTREME. 8Db



º ????

º PROFIT! (?)

:DDD BTW, I don't know why you'd want to, but this is public, so anon away.
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Yes, but look, isn't it cute?! And small?! And pink?! Don't you want to click it~? I need to join more forums.

Adopt one today!


Adopt one today!

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I'm leaving the computer spying meme answers until tomorrow, just in case anyone thinks of anything else they want to spy on~
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Computer Spying Meme

1. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. My desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my latest works in progress, my iTunes. Whatever you're curious about. Request it!
2. I will respond post a new entry with a screenshot of the very thing you request.

Don't be too creepy, guys.
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Ugh. Having internet problems. We're trying to find out if it's a virus or what, but if I don't get on often, you now know why. I hope it works out! D:
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Wow. My internet's off. Like, not just slow or something, but off off. It hasn't done that in ages... I feel disconnected from the world!
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Icon post. I KNOW, SHOCKING. Please credit, and I love comments. Love them. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. :DD

[14] The World Ends With You

Life's little crossroads can often be solved by a pull of the trigger. )
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Wall-E is the cutest movie ever made. End of story. OMG OMG SO CUTE.
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Continuation of the last post. It's been really bad but monuments and stuff in DC were cool. Anyway, I'll be home late tonight. YAY! INTERNET!
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GAH! This has been the worst vacation ever. If I'm ever thinking that it's a good idea to vacation with my aunt again, please remind me that it isn't!
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So I'm in Richmond, Virginia. We're going to Williamsburg today. Exciting! Lol. I AM DYING WITHOUT INTERNET THOUGH!
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Lights are back on! Woo! No more long dark hallways! Lol. And computer can be charged. This is good. And I'll stop stepping on my cats!
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01. One secret.
02. One compliment.
03. One non-compliment.
04. One love note.
05. Lyrics to a song.
06. How old you are.
07. How long we've been friends.
08. And a hint to who you are.

You can leave off eight and give ambiguous answers to the how-old and how-long questions if you really don't want me to know who you are, but whatever.

Remember, anonymously guys!

ilu, memes

Jan. 9th, 2008 06:43 pm
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Comment to this entry and I'll tell you which Hogwarts house I would sort you in. Then repost this in your own journal


Dec. 25th, 2007 03:58 pm
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And yes, I fail at giving online presents. Perhaps I'll think of something as an... after-christmas present? I have no idea. Anyway.

I hope you all have, are having, or had a great day. Merry Christmas, late Solstice, etc. etc. I ♥ you all and I would give you all internet ponies in a heartbeat! I hope you all are safe and happy.
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...I have this song on repeat. I LOVE IT BUT I HATE IT. SO MUCH.

No other news really. Can't wait for Christmas.
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New fanmix, because I've been bored, stressed, and listening to Imogen Heap.
Interesting combination. XD

Anyway, again, Tsubasa-themed, more specifically Kurogane/Fai. The explanations aren't great, and generally I'm not feeling as good about this fanmix as I was the last one, but there are a few songs on here that I really like, especially for this pairing.

Without further ado...

Close to the Edge )

Yes, it's 3:09 am. Which is probably why I might go and look over this again in the morning, to see if anything awful is going on with it, but right now, I sleep.
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So I made my friend, [ profile] not_okay46 an icon.
(I hope you like it, Teddy!)

and I was thinking. I need more inspiration for icons. So I'm opening requests. Post with what you want on the icon, and any style specifics, and whether you want your name/username/any text on the icon, and I'll make you one.

So, go on, request an icon. I need the practice. ^__^


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