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Name:Liz ♫
Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:Utah, United States of America

l i z

Call me Liz. Or Ishmael. Or whatever. I'm almost 17 years old, almost enough that I'm going to be saying I'm 17 if you ask me. I am a girl, just in case you know anyone who would think to name their beautiful son Liz, that's not me. I have a tendency to use too many big words and have sentences that end up like that last one, and, come to think of it, this one, aka, they don't make any fucking sense. I swear a bit, it's high school, it's corrupted me horribly. I like yaoi, books, watch too much TV, love my BJDs and don't understand how people can have a fear of dolls. If you want to know about my dolls, the most helpful link will be the one entitled 'den of angels profile' below. I talk a lot about my OCs, but rarely actually post any writing. Fandoms will be below, yeah? I love my DS, my computer, my iPod and my cell phone, and would be totally lost and alone without them. Same goes for my friends, haha. I overuse these stupid swirly things~ and hearts ♥ and all manner of other annoying typing things that seem to really bother people. I am not attractive in the slightest. Also, looking at my interests, yes, I really do hate Vic Mignogna.

f a n d o m s

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/CLAMP (everything. no, seriously.)/Godchild/Millenium Snow/Ouran High School Host Club/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Phoenix Wright/The World Ends With You/Hotel Dusk/Golden Sun/Havemercy/Good Omens/Shoebox Project/30 Rock/Law and Order: Criminal Intent/The Soup/House MD/Top Chef RPS/Mythbusters/First-Season Heroes/Across the Universe/American Idiot

e t c .

Music/Rilo Kiley/Fiona Apple/Imogen Heap/SHERWOOD/Green Day/KT Tunstall/Vienna Teng/The Fratellis/Franz Ferdinand/Regina Spektor/The New Pornographers/Jinn/Chihiro Onitsuka/Utada Hikaru/Sneaker Pimps/Matthew Good/Le Tigre/So many more...

Books&Manga/House of Leaves/Good Omens/Harry Potter/The Bartimaeus Trilogy/His Dark Materials/Fight Club/David Levithan/Godchild/Not So Bad/Alice 19th/Pita-Ten/TRC (of course)/many more...

TV/HouseMD/Law and Order/Homicide:Life on the Streets/The Closer/30 Rock/Burn Notice/

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Pollution is Apocalyptic love

{ wear }

>I love Shoebox Project and you should too.<<

Interests (123):

5 1/2 minute hallway, angelic layer, ball-jointed dolls, books, burn notice, caleb kane, clamp, craig ferguson, criminal intent, crispin freeman, crowley, danielle bennett, dnangel, dolls, doujinshi, drawing, duts, fai d. flourite, famine/pollution, franznorrington with lesbians, gay magicians, godot, good omens, grell, harry potter, haruhi suzumiya, hating vic mignogna, havemercy, hotel dusk, house md, house of leaves, house/wilson, itsuki koizumi, j.k. rowling, jaida jones, japanese culture, jinn, johnny truant, johnny young bosch, jonathan stroud, joshua, karen green, kuro x fai, kuro/fai, kurofai, kurogane/fai, kuroshitsuji, kōki kariya, legal drug, lifehouse, love actually, mark z danielewski, maroon 5, megatokyo, megumi kitaniji, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, metal dragons, metamorphose, michael westen, miles edgeworth, mitsuki konishi, monty python, mp3s, music, mythbusters, nathan petrelli, navidson, neku sakuraba, nintendo ds, original fiction, ouran, ouran host club, pandora hearts, pelafina, pelafina h. lièvre, phoenix wright, possibly sociopathic pilots, princess tutu, really hating vic mignogna, reapers' game, remus lupin, rilo kiley, rook, royston, rp, sakura, sanae hanekoma, sherwood, shiki misaki, shoebox_project, shounen-ai, shō minamimoto, sirius black, sirius/remus, square enix, stephen colbert, subarashiki kono sekai, subaseka, syaoran, the colbert report, the daily show, the holloway tape, the navidson record, the pelican poems, the shoebox project, tokyo babylon, top chef, trc, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, uzuki yashiro, vic: not my fandompope, vincent d'onofrio, watchmen, will navidson, world ends with you, x/1999, xerxes break, xxxholic, yggdrasil, yoshiya kiryū, zampanò, すばらしきこのせかい

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