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New fanmix, because I've been bored, stressed, and listening to Imogen Heap.
Interesting combination. XD

Anyway, again, Tsubasa-themed, more specifically Kurogane/Fai. The explanations aren't great, and generally I'm not feeling as good about this fanmix as I was the last one, but there are a few songs on here that I really like, especially for this pairing.

Without further ado...

Close to the Edge )

Yes, it's 3:09 am. Which is probably why I might go and look over this again in the morning, to see if anything awful is going on with it, but right now, I sleep.
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So I've been working on this for awhile, and I finally finished it!

Before I start, I've become slightly, very obsessed with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and if anyone on my flist doesn't want to get spammed with TRC-related entries just comment and I'll create either a new community for my icons&stuff or I'll create a specific friends group.

It's a Tsubasa-themed fanmix, specifically Kurogane/Fai but more Fai-Centric. The explanations are not the best, if I was as eloquent as I'd like to be I'd be writing fanfiction instead of doing this mix. Just to be safe, spoilers up to the current chapters. Definately spoilers past US-published volumes.

Aah! I'm really nervous that no one is going to think this is good but here goes nothing...

Extraordinary Machine; Cover Art, Music and Explanations under the cut )


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