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I am now sixteen years old.

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Never go into Best Buy obsessed with a TV show. You'll end up poor, but rich with 936 minutes of gratuitous eye candy.

And now for another pointlessly random fact that few people will understand!
Hey, I can find a bentley, there HAS TO BE a '67 black chevy impala somewhere in this state for me to squee at!

(Forgot to say, if you only understood 1/2 of that reference, we need to talk. If you didn't understand that reference at all, we really need to talk.)
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Hate the new LJ main layout. Majorly big text, cluttered screen, etc.
Just a mini-update to let everybody I'm back and I've got a lot of homework. XD
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some icons done, and one more thing...

To the shoebox!chat crowd: I finally read Good Omens! (So. Good.)

To everyone else: READ Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
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Why is it that I am so cheap?
Anyway. Tired. Very tired. It just rained!
I am really, really in need of good markers.
(Mum: Why can't you used Sharpies?)
BECAUSE. They eat paper like mp3s eat bandwidth! (NerdMetaphors, for the win!)
Prismacolors or Copics. OMGSOEXPENSIVE. XD
I will probably just sate myself by buying inordinate amounts of prismacolor pencils and drawing pictures of Prii. Who has far too many pictures drawn of him already.

You didn't really need to know any of that, huh? XDD


Nov. 26th, 2005 04:07 pm
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Announcement here, I have had pretty much solid writer's block for about five years. Sad, isn't it? This is particularly awful, because I have vast amounts of stories stuck in my head yet I simply can't get them out on paper so that they sound slightly better than something a three-year old wrote. >.>
Wow, that was angsty... for me. But, not meaning to sound angsty, I think I've found out the problem. You know how there are "Character Actors"? Well, it's not remotely the same thing, (XD) But I've decided I'm a character writer. I can tell you ANYTHING about one of my characters, but I can't actually put them in a story.
Eh. Yes, now I'm going to go and listen to all the RENT music that I've jacked from various people. XD
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Hello, yes, this journal is already a sad, neglected little thing. BUT FOR A GOOD REASON. The internet on the %@#$#@ new computer has already died. (x.X) and I am forced to use MSN explorer. Of course, for unknown reasons, I can only sign on to this frigteningly awful browser using my dad's old, old, old, MSN account. Therefore, I cannot be on MSN messenger and the internet at the same time. Please, someone, just convince my father to get Firefox? XD
But, on a more interesting note, for some strange reason, I am feeling drastically less overwhelmed than I did last week. This is strange because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED. XD. Oh well, whatever the reason, life is feelin' fine. =D. Semi-fine. *tells people in head to shut up* (Only creena will get that... XD)


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