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President Barack Obama. ♥

Since my txt post didn't send.
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Post anything you like here, but post it anonymously. It can be something big or small, whatever you feel compelled to. Maybe a (1) story, (2) secret, (3) confession, (4) fear, (5) love—the possibilities are endless. Be sure to comment anonymously, though.

IP logging off, etc. etc. It's always off, for me, lol.

Aaaand I didn't get anything done today. Applications are horrible, they prey upon my hatred of filling out forms.
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...I have this song on repeat. I LOVE IT BUT I HATE IT. SO MUCH.

No other news really. Can't wait for Christmas.
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I am now sixteen years old.

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Oh, and just so everyone knows?


I really need to talk to someone who is up to date on their Tsubasa reading, because I am so angsty!confused.
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So yeah.


Also Want

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[1-7] Supernatural
[8-11] Heroes
Under the Cut )
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Nikki, according to what I have bought, guess what song Itunes thinks that I would like.

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Nikki, just passing along some info that I don't know if you know but I think you'd like...

Dir en Grey is coming to Utah. June 23rd and 24th. They're opening for Deftones. ^__^

Oh, and a Gerard Way icon, because apparently I have 71. )


Feb. 4th, 2007 01:08 pm
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Have an Eddie Izzard quote!icon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*runs back to youtube*
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New layout, header made entirely in PS.
Really like it, Regina Spektor is so pretty, and it's pretty simple. (Took far to long to code, even though all I had to do was modify a stylesheet from [ profile] reversescollide [who is wonderful by the way.])
And, and, and. It shows my icons. Every post. XD

(Also, wtf is UP with the new HP title?)

EDIT: Hey everyone, gimme comments quick because pretty though this layout it, it SCREWS UP my friends page, which I use ALL the time, so I think I'm gonna take function over form and switch back soon. =P
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*points to icon*
Is it just me, or are the icons I make with PS way more SHINY than my PSP ones? (Might just be me... XD)

EDIT: Thinking about it... might also be because I spend WAY more time obsessing over PS icons than PSP. This icon took me almost a whole hour. Hoarg no. *dead*
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I feel the urge to write.
Original, Fanfiction or Emo Poetry?
This is the question.
And, because I have nothing else to say and am COMPLETELY COMITTED TO PESTERING HER, Nikki, read Good Omens!

Edit: Oh fine. No pestering.
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I have lost all faith in my musical taste.
Nelly Furtado, The Doors, John Mayer, and AFI on the same playlist?
I'm officially schizophrenic when it comes to music.

BTW. Dean! Icon! Love!
BTW (2)
Santa thinks I should get a Wii )
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Find me pictures of a guy with a trim black beard, a skinny guy with long light-ish hair, a scary-looking woman with red hair/red lips and the grim reaper.

Horseperson obsession. 'Nuff said. (icons!)

More actual updating later. When I'm off this tangent, I'll post something... worthwhile. XD
(EDIT: SUPPORT JEFFREY. Because he's totally hardcore. His girlfriend has a mohawk.. HOW HARDCORE IS THAT? Yes, I spent that entire episode shouting HARDCORE! HARDCORE! HARDCORE! at the television. SO?)

Editx2: Hoarg. I have two/four horsepersons in icon form, but am having horrible, horrible trouble finding a Famine picture. Someone, find me pictures that say 'famine' to you! (Am off to go do Death icons) (Am sure the horseperson love will wear off... soon. Until then, bear with my insanity.)
Editx3: Not doing Death anymore. HA.
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Will actually -post- tomorrow, but today just informing everyone that I *drumroll*...
got a deviantart account. Peer pressure, what can I say?
Part B @ DevArt
Aren't I original? Only one actual deviation up as of now, but more tomorrow.
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Got a USB drive today at Best Buy, finally I will be able to take my Japanese Street Fashion pictures home and use them as outfit inspiration. Yay!
I've also discovered that my computer has Photoshop Elements, which is not that good for many kinds of graphics, but is pretty good for coloring pics.

Ability to color pics + good scanner + USB drive = Hopefully, I'll finally post some arting here! (yay!)

We should all celebrate. And listen to Franz Ferdinand. Why? Because. Oh, because. *sigh* Love FF.
Re-re-reading my first re-re-read since HP5. Good Omens, you are eating my soul. >_>''

Speaking of Harry Potter, what do you think will happen to HP fandom when the seventh book comes out? I've been pondering this, I really, really doubt that it will die out completely, although it might get kind of dead for awhile. Look at LOTR though. Or... Good Omens. They still have mildly insane fandoms, and both have been over for years!
Depression will skyrocket around the world, many many fangirls and fanboys will be very sad, but we'll get over it. I hope.

What do you think?
(btw, it's really cold here. XD)
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Hate the new LJ main layout. Majorly big text, cluttered screen, etc.
Just a mini-update to let everybody I'm back and I've got a lot of homework. XD
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some icons done, and one more thing...

To the shoebox!chat crowd: I finally read Good Omens! (So. Good.)

To everyone else: READ Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
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Why is it that I am so cheap?
Anyway. Tired. Very tired. It just rained!
I am really, really in need of good markers.
(Mum: Why can't you used Sharpies?)
BECAUSE. They eat paper like mp3s eat bandwidth! (NerdMetaphors, for the win!)
Prismacolors or Copics. OMGSOEXPENSIVE. XD
I will probably just sate myself by buying inordinate amounts of prismacolor pencils and drawing pictures of Prii. Who has far too many pictures drawn of him already.

You didn't really need to know any of that, huh? XDD
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Stolen idea from Mary. ^__^
Fill out my Johari window?


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