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New fanmix, because I've been bored, stressed, and listening to Imogen Heap.
Interesting combination. XD

Anyway, again, Tsubasa-themed, more specifically Kurogane/Fai. The explanations aren't great, and generally I'm not feeling as good about this fanmix as I was the last one, but there are a few songs on here that I really like, especially for this pairing.

Without further ado...

Close to the Edge )

Yes, it's 3:09 am. Which is probably why I might go and look over this again in the morning, to see if anything awful is going on with it, but right now, I sleep.
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Uuh. Uuh. Uuh. TRC 167 Spoilers. OMFG.

Link to spoilers at su_chan's LJ if you haven't seen them.

SO CANON. This chapter makes me cry tears of joy! TEARS OF JOY! JOY!!!

And it has inspired so much CAPSLOCK FANGIRLING. AND MORE TO COME, I'M SURE!

...and I cannot actually STOP SMILING.
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Aah. First fanfic ever for this fandom. Nervous. Apologies to those few on my flist who are seeing this again!

Title: Black and White
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Warnings: Spoilers up to Infinity

Summary: Kurogane and Fai talk after Tokyo. I fail at summarizing, but hopefully I'll get better.

Everything is black and white for you... )

Aah! Constructive criticism is very welcome!
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So I can't post my spazz-post about this chapter right now, but...

Raw scans & Translations of Chapitre 166


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